The Real Girls Real Success Club is for you if:

  • You are struggling to figure out the direction of your life

  • You want to live a successful and fulfilled life on your own terms

  • You have big dreams, but lack the confidence and support to take the next step

  • You dream of meeting like minded girls who can cheer you on and hold you accountable

  • You are sick of letting your lack of confidence or belief in yourself define your future

  • You want to meet women who have achieved success, and learn by them

  • You want a personal mentor that defines her success by your success

As a valued member of the Real Girls, Real Success Club, you will have access to:

  • Monthly intimate live podcast recordings with an influential women. Connect with the girls in the club as well as your role models in person and have the opportunity to ask questions and enjoy in person connections with like minded friends. You will also have exclusive access to the podcast recording if you can’t make the live event.

  • Live masterclasses with an industry expert. Every month you get the opportunity to learn from different women who have achieved success, and exactly how they got there. These masterclasses are exclusive for members and give you the chance to up level and learn step by step how to up level in any areas you are struggling with.

  • Live masterclasses with Casey. With all the inspiration and education available in this membership, it is important to focus on your personal development too. Casey will help you find the coping mechanisms to support you as you up level and step in to the successful woman you deserve to be.

  • Member hot seats. Every month, a member will get the opportunity to pitch their ideas or share their struggles and we as a community will help you overcome it and move forward. This membership gives you the tools to push yourself in a safe space and put what you have learnt in to practice.

  • Bonus extras. . Meet ups, community volunteering, guided meditations, personalised journalling prompts, and so much more!

By joining the Real Girls Real Success Club, you will have exclusive access to influential woman who will share their secrets on how to be a modern woman and create your dream life. You will also gain the skills to help you put those tips in to practice and be held accountable by your new like minded friends.

Here’s how it works…

The Real Girls Real Success Club is a monthly membership that covers a topic, breaks it down each week so that you are getting the finer details and the chance to implement these tips and see real results. There is no other club like this. This is how each month will run:

  • Week 1 you will attend our monthly live podcast recording for FREE! Spend your Thursday night at Cedar and Pine Bar, grazing on their amazing food, having a glass of bubbles and listen to an inspirational woman who has pathed her success. You then have the chance to get photos, ask questions and also make connections with girls inside the club. This is a chance to unwind, make human connections and feel empowered about the direction of your life.

  • Week 2 you will have access to a live masterclass run by The Real Her Project founder, Casey Mason on all things personal development. Learn how to strengthen your mind and reach your full potential. Because just like every muscle, your brain should be taken care of, and Casey is passionate about finding that perfect balance in life.

  • Week 3 you will have access to a live masterclass run by multiple industry professionals. Step by step guidance and tips in their area of expertise to help you become a more well rounded and educated human being. Think the stuff you don’t get taught in high school - career, money, mental health, social media - all the important information you need to be a successful modern woman.

  • Week 4 a chosen member will be given the opportunity to sit in the hot seat. You have the choice to present your own live pitch on an idea you want to run by the group, or a struggle you want to work through. Casey will sit through you on the call and moderate all the comments and help you come to the right solution. Think 1:1 coaching, but with a whole community supporting your ideas!

Are you ready to change your life for just $39/month?