How To Start In A Product Based Business with Paige Kennedy from Coco Bear

Would you love to create your own products and sell them online?  Have the next bright idea but don’t know where to start and what website works best?  Want to have a career in fashion and wondering if ecommerce is your jam? 

Fashion is such a staple in every day life which makes it more important than ever to have a clear idea and vision, and execute with passion and individuality.  There is no point sticking to the norm and following trends, you need to pave your way and be ready for the ups and downs that come with starting your own business.

I normally interview service based business owners so I’m very excited to have a chat with someone who has had experience from starting up a business from scratch and building her own online store.

Paige Kennedy is the owner and creator behind children fashion label Coco Bear which makes minimal and super cute clothes for kids.  She is passionate about being a positive role model and helping other women get started with their own product based business, and has a lot of experience to share.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Life experience vs formal qualifications

  • What website is best for product businesses

  • The importance of outsourcing

  • Paige’s struggle with health

And so much more!


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Paige Kennedy

Paige is the creator of children’s fashion label Coco Bear and completely self taught. She is passionate about helping other women become successful in business and not let limitations like health hold them back.