How To Specialise In Facebook & Bust The Algorithm with Jarrah Brailey from Socials By Jarrah

Would you like a career in Social Media but don’t know where to begin?  Are you fascinated by digital marketing and wonder how it can be used to build a career or help our business?  Does the thought of daily posting, content ideas and engagement overwhelm you?  Do you feel like you are getting nowhere with your facebook page and feel like giving up?  Or perhaps you want more followers that are eventually going to lead to loyal customers.

Social Media has blown up over the last few years and it has not only created a whole new sector of jobs that were never available before, it has also given small businesses the chance to advertise their services and make genuine connections with their audience for an affordable price.  Because of social media, we have a direct touchpoint to people who want to buy from us and the ability to make connections that ultimately lead to sales.

Just recently, I have spoken and interviewed a lot of experts in Instagram, but facebook isn’t to be forgotten either.  It’s the OG and most certainly not dead.  With the capabilities for Facebook Ads, we are reaching new audiences for very little money and small business are reaping all the benefits.  No matter what your reason for having a presence online, Facebook is still a great platform to spread your message and a great way to start a career or side hustle if you want to work for yourself.

If this is something that interests you, today I have Jarrah Brailey on the podcast who turned her side hustle, Socials By Jarrah in to her full time career in under a year.  Her rapid growth coupled with the demand in facebook ads forced her to become an expert in the field very quickly and is now the go to for many small businesses who want to see maximum results in their business for an affordable price.  Jarrah is a huge advocate for Facebook and believes with the right content and understanding of the platform, you can definitely be successful.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How quickly your side hustle can become your full time career

  • Why Facebook Ads are so in demand

  • What tactics work to bust the algorithm

  • The importance of connecting and engaging with your audience

And so much more!


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Jarrah Brailey

Jarrah is a social media strategist who very quickly took her side hustle full time and now spends her days managing others social accounts at home, at only 20 years old! Jarrah’s most in demand service is Facebook Ads and she has an in depth knowledge of how to get the most from your Facebook account.