How To Shift Your Energy And Transform Your Life with Brooke Alexander

Do you feel like you are on the verge of success?  Like you are all prepared but there is something holding you back that you can’t put a finger on?  Understanding and shifting the stagnant energy inside your body can be a great way to break through from the old you, in to the person you want to be.

Techniques such as NLP, EFT and Reiki can be used to tap in to that stale energy and move it somewhere else so that you can stop feeling blocked, lost or confused and just step in to that clarity and confidence that you need to chase success.

Today I am speaking with Brooke Alexander who is a life and success coach, but she isn’t just your ordinary coach.  She uses a wide range of techniques to help you emotionally break through your personal blocks and find your happiness.  We do a crash course in NLP, EFT and Reiki so get your notepads out, this episode is full of incredible information.

In todays episode we discuss the basics of:

  • NLP and the importance of self talk

  • EFT and how to shift stagnant energy

  • Reiki and letting someone help you make massive breakthroughs

And so much more!


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Brooke Alexander

Brooke is a Life and Success Coach who specialised in NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy and Reiki to help women shift their energy and bring their dream future to life. She is the perfect blend of a modern girl with a spiritual mix and will no doubt be able to help you manifest the life of your dreams!