How To Seize Your Yay & Make A Living Doing What You Love with Sarah Holloway from Spoonful of Sarah

Everyone always says, do something you love and you will never work a day in your life.  But how do we find what we love?  How do we live a life full of joy, but also fulfil ourselves and make our work worthwhile?  Do you dream of having a career that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t just fill your pockets?  Do you want to be a person of influence but you are not sure what it takes?  Have you thought about starting a business but thought it was all too hard and your life was too busy already?

Living a life of passion, joy and happiness is sometimes over looked in a world where hustle and stress are day to day activities.  We always imagine one day we will be happy, but for now we have to grind through and make serious sacrifices.  A lot of the time we are told if we want to be an entrepreneur, we have to give up the things we enjoy in order to take a chance on the life out our dreams.  But if we are not enjoying the process, what happens if the destination never comes or isn’t what you have planned?

Today I have the incredible Sarah Holloway, lawyer turned funtrepreneur on the podcast today and we cover a lot of her journey and all her achievements but the underlying theme of her life is to find what makes you happy and let that direct you through life.  I was so nervous to interview Sarah, you can probably hear it in my voice.  She has been a dream guest since I started this podcast as I admired her for all her business achievements.  I never thought I would get so much life and mindset advice from her as well!  It is one thing to be ambitious and want to make a lot of money in business, but it is just as important to lead with your passions and follow your heart, wherever it may take you!

Sarah is an all round girl boss and incredible role model.  She is constantly striving to find her yay, and encourages everyone else to take some time to find what makes us happy as well, and not to let life slip us by waiting for “one day”.  Why not be happy today!

This is a jam packed episode covering a range of topics including:

  • How Sarah went from being a lawyer to an entrepreneur

  • The inspiration behind her successful podcast, Seize The Yay

  • Why it is important to find what makes you happy and enjoy the journey of life

  • How a personal brand can help your business and vice versa

And so much more!


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Sarah Holloway

Sarah is a lawyer turned funtrepreneur who left her full time job to pursue her side hustle, Matcha Maiden which has gained massive international success. Since then she has started her own blog and podcast to help others find what makes them happy and spread the love.