How To Overcome Life Challenges And Change Your Life with Rosie Luik

Are you having a hard time?  Feel like life is testing you?  Have you faced a challenge recently and have no idea why it happened to you?

Sometimes the most challenging times of our lives are the catalysts for the biggest change in our lives as well.  It can be hard to see it at the time, but when we look back with hindsight, we see if that challenge hadn’t occurred, we wouldn’t have grown, course corrected or realised what was really important in life.  Ultimately challenges are what make us grow and on the Podcast today I have the beautiful Rosie Luik who, after looking death straight in the face, realised she needed to make a big change in her life.

Rosie is now a mum of 4, a model, an influencer, an author and a blogger on a mission to change stereotypes in the modelling industry.

In this episode we discuss

  • How Rosie faced death and came out the other side

  • What does near death experiences teach us

  • How important it is to chase your passion

  • The importance of setting a good example

And so much more!


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Rosie Luik

Rosie is a model, an author, a blogger and a mum of 4 who is changing the game up in the modelling and social media world. After starting her career in her 30’s, Rosie has blossomed into an influencer and an entrepreneur and is helping other women reach their dreams as soon as possible! What an inspiration!