How To Invest In Yourself And Stay Educated In Business with Dani Byrnes from Level Up Republic

Do you invest in yourself and your learning?  Have you started a business and can’t afford anyone to hire just yet?  Want to keep up with the ever changing digital world?  Do you want to meet people who are on the same page as you?

With technology constantly changing, sometimes overnight, it can be a terrifying thought to constantly keep up.  Having access to not only a speaker who is an expert in their field, but a host who is extremely adaptable is absolutely key for 2019.  There is no point paying thousands of dollars for a course that is not up to date, especially if you are at a start up phase, that money is precious!  Having 1:1 access to an expert and educating yourself is not only going to accelerate your business, but will also give you access to make friends who are on the same page as you and the possibilities there are endless!

To help you with your education, I have the lovely Danielle Byrnes, who is a model and the creator of Level Up Republic which hosts workshops and events for start up businesses.  Dani has a great blend of understanding the struggles of a small business owner and the connections to bring together a relevant and extremely educational platform for us all to grow in business.  Her experience in the modelling world makes her the perfect person to not only facilitate these workshops, but also provide a platform for experts to reach their target audience in a more 1:1 capacity.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The changing world of being a model

  • How important it is to keep up with an ever changing digital world

  • Why we need to constantly keep investing in our education

  • How in person events are better for your learning

And so much more!


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Dani Byrnes

Dani is a model and the creator of Level Up Republic which hosts business events and workshops. Dani loves bringing small business owners together with leading industry experts so that they can stay on top of their game, without burning a hole in their pocket.