How To Harness Your Femininity And Find Power In Your Cycle with Monica Yates

Do you have any idea of the power of your period?  Have you done any more research in to the effects the pill has on your body?  Do you want to own your femininity and really lead from a place of love instead of hustling like a man all the time?  Do you know that you can use your period cycle to your advantage and make it work for you so you can perform optimally?  Do you just want to own exactly what it means to be female?

So much of the time we are told to hustle and work hard like a man if we want to be taken seriously, especially in the business world.  Stay up late, wake up early, grind ourselves down to nothing, all so we can prove we can do the job just as well.  But what if there was a more natural solution to this problem?  Instead of pushing against a brick wall, we came back to our roots, our identity and pure feminitiy and used that to our advantage instead.  Being female is such a powerful tool and when we understand exactly how we tick, we can make it work to our advantage so that we are always getting our best work done and putting our best self forward.

To help us understand this topic, I have the incredible Monica Yates on the podcast today.  She is a life and period coach and believes that owning your femininity is your secret weapon in life. When we surrender to the way we were born and truly love ourselves and our bodies for what they were designed to do, we are honestly unstoppable.

This episode covers a lot of topics and is at a very basic level so if you would like more information, I definitely recommend listening to Monica’s podcast where she goes in to much more depth on every topic we discussed today.  It is so important to do you research and find what works for you.


In todays episode, we discuss:

  • The power of the period

  • How to get in to feminine flow and not be ashamed

  • The period cycle and how it can work for you

  • The importance of getting your hormones in balance

And so much more!!

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Monica Yates

Monica helps women heal their period & step into their feminine power and do business in feminine flow.