How To grow Your Online Business In Just 7 Months with Jess Williamson from Ete Swimwear

Do you have a business idea but you are scared it’s too late?  Want to work in a saturated market but worried you will never be able to stand out?  Are you keen to work in fashion but don’t have the qualifications?

Starting a small business is tough and sometimes we let not having the qualifications hold us back from chasing our biggest dreams.  However, your life experience can be the best qualifications and you can make up for lack of knowledge with an unwavering desire to learn and be successful.

Today on the podcast I have the amazing Jess Williamson who at 22 years old created Ete Swimwear and went from an idea to product in just seven months and was earning six figures in her first year.  Most people would say swimwear is a very saturated market and with no experience in fashion, Jess was too late.  However, her background in digital marketing made her stand out from the rest, grow quickly and the rest is history!

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How to use your life experience to your advantage

  • The power of influencer marketing

  • The struggles of business no one talks about

  • How important it is to back yourself

And so much more!


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Jess Williamson

Jess is the creator of womens swimwear line, Ete Swimwear, for the feminine adventurer. She is on a mission to make all women feel comfortable in their own skin and in their swimwear. Her pieces are feminine and flatter all shapes and sizes.