How To Go From Bed Ridden To Starting A Wellness Revolution with Peta Shulman from GoodnessMe Box

Are you someone who is letting their health get in front of your dreams?  Do you always say “once I am better, I will start?”  Are you letting your health take over your life?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

I think every woman has, or know someone who has, had dealt with some sort of health related issue.  When we get sick, it knocks us off our feet and we let every other obligation slip as it takes over our life.  Without our health, we really are nothing!  Which is why it is so important that we take it seriously, and make sure we always putting ourselves first.

Sometimes though, our health issues are completely out of our control, but it still does not define us.  It is important to use your struggles as your story and continue to spread your purpose and passion in life.

To give you a little inspiration, I have the gorgeous Peta Shulman on the podcast today who is the founder of GoodnessMe Box.  She was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease at 25 which ruled her life.  She couldn’t even leave her bed, let alone chase her dreams. With a determination to get better, she did her own research and got better through whole foods.

By immersing herself in to the benefits of whole foods, she felt the need to spread the word, which was the birth of GoodnessMe Box.

GoodnessMe Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers fresh and healthy meals to your door every day.  Peta is passionate about helping others incorporate heath in to their life, without the hassle.  And why wouldn’t she, this food saved her life!!


In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How her illness ruled her life

  • How your struggles can spark a business idea

  • Why GoodnessMe Box grew so quickly online

  • Advice for entrepreneurs starting in business

And so much more!

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Peta Shulman

After overcoming an autoimmune disease with food, Peta founded GoodnessMe Box, a monthly subscription service, making eating well, achievable for all.