How To Find The Career Of Your Dreams with Amy Smith from Aligned Tribe

Are you freaking out about your future?  Want to be successful but have no idea how to get there?  Do you want to find a career that aligns with your passion and makes you feel fulfilled?  This is the episode for you!  So many people are going about their day to day lives doing jobs that are just… ok but they’re not putting their strengths or passions forward and reaching their full potential.  It is completely possible to have a career that is successful but also worthwhile, you just have to know the right tips and tricks.

Amy Smith is a career coach and founder of Aligned Tribe which helps ambitious young professionals to land the jobs and promotions they actually want, giving them the freedom and fulfilment in their careers they deserve and get paid what they are worth!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why so many are unfulfilled in their jobs

  • How align passion and a career

  • What the future of work looks like

  • How to stay on top of the game and be prepared for change

And so much more!


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Amy Smith

Amy is the founder of Aligned Tribe which helps professionals find careers they are passionate about. Amy loves helping people find a lifetime fulfilling career and believes there is room for everyone to do what they love for a living.