How To Create A Business Around Your Passion with Steph Gabriel from Ocean Zen Bikini

Do you dream of running a business that not only sustains you, but helps the environment as well?  Want to do something to change the world from your corner?  Do you dream of giving back to the world and creating change?  Have you got a passion for something and want to spread your message?

As our population increases, the demand for business increases, but so does our waste.  As a collective, we are doing more harm than good on our environment and sometimes we feel like there is nothing we can do.  But what if I told you I could?  What if you could start a business that only fulfils you but also makes a difference in the world and is working towards making the world a better place?

Today on the podcast I have the amazing Steph Gabriel who has lived all around the world working with marine animals 1 on 1 and with her background knowledge in environmental science, decided to make a sustainable swimwear line that not only looks good, but is good for our environment too.  She has lived all around the world and faced first hand the effects of our waste on the ocean is on a mission to educate the next generation about it as well so that we can save the marine life.  She also runs retreats to Tonga where you can swim with humpback whales and get that face to face interaction with marine life as well.  When we are personally connected, we feel more responsible for keeping them safe.

In todays episode we discuss:

  • How travelling ignites your passion

  • How Steph got her inspiration to start a business

  • The impact of fast fashion on the environment

And so much more!


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Steph Gabriel

Environmental Scientists, Marine Conservationist and Creator of ethical, sustainable swimwear OceanZen, Steph mixes fashion with sustainability.