How To Build An Authentic, Trusted And Relatable Brand Online with Tina Abeysekara from Trash To Treasured

Do you want to build a long term brand with loyal customers that you can make genuine connections with?  In it for the long haul and want to connect with thousands of people who are passionate about the same things as you?  Do you want to build a online presence on your passion that you can grow the way you want to and remain relatable?  Have you considered starting a blog but you are not sure if they are relevant in the modern world?

In a world where technology is all around us and people are making huge careers online, it feels like it all needs to happen for us overnight.  We want to quit our jobs and have the thousands of followers instantly and sail in to the sunset.  I guess this is possible if you want to be dodgy, but it is still possible to play the long game and form a community that reminds loyal and when the time is right, they won’t have to think twice about purchasing from you.  It is possible to start a blog or side hustle and work away at it slowly with the intention of one day taking it to the next level.

Today on the podcast I am really excited to chat with Tina Abeysekara who runs an affordable style blog and Instagram, Trash To Treasured.  Tina finds fashionable and ethical pieces for under $150 so that we can look our best, without breaking the budget- absolutely genius.  Tina has worked slowly on this blog for the last 6 years as a hobby on the side of working full time and is finally ready to take the leap and take the next step.  She is adamant that in this transition, she sticks her values and gives her followers the exact same experience they have received for the last 6 years, and just secretly, I think that is the recipe for success!

In todays episode we discuss:

  • How Tina has grown Trash To Treasured to over 65k followers on Instagram as a side hustle

  • The importance of building trust and staying loyal to your followers

  • Why affordable fashion is so popular and how fashion has grown

  • Her plans for the future

And so much more!

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Tina Abeysekara

Hydrologist turned trained Stylist, Tina has created a massive online blog that focuses on affordable fashion that makes you feel a million dollars for under $150!