How To Build A Business That Suits Your Lifestyle & Values with Fabienne Costa from YCL Jewels

Have you ever gone to start a business or side hustle, made no money in the first 5 minutes and given up?  Have you ever dreamt of starting something new, but you were frightened to take the leap, incase you couldn’t support yourself.  What would you do if you couldn’t support yourself?  Would you give up?  Or would you keep pushing forward toward the big picture vision?

In a world where being an entrepreneur is put on a pedestal, it is really important to shine a light on the realities of starting in business.  There is a hell of a lot of sacrifice, with the chance you may never see a return for the money you have invested.  But with the right attitude, determination and clear understanding of your vision, your dream can come to life. 

Then what happens from there?

Today I am so excited to chat with Fabienne Costa from YCL Jewels who has an amazing story.  From not being able to afford petrol in her car, to building a thriving online business, she truely exudes resilience and what it means to work towards your vision, even if the whole world is telling you no.  To add to that, Fabienne really challenges the stereotype of what it means to be an entrepreneur.  4 day work weeks, meditation spaces and wearing multiple hats.  She is a firm believer that you can run a successful business on your own terms, without running yourself to the ground.  She is an exceptional leader, an incredible role model and her story is going to inspire you to take a chance on your dreams, because it can be better than anything you ever expected!


In todays episode we discuss:

  • Why sustainability means so much to Fabienne in a product based business

  • Her story from struggling financially to growing her business

  • How to remain strong and focused on your goals when the world feels against you

  • The importance of running your own race and building a business that suits your lifestyle

And so much more!


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Fabienne Costa

Fabienne is the Founder of YCL Jewels and is passionate about creating beautiful, timeless pieces that women will treasure for many years to come.