How To Be Healthy Beyond Body Image with Asha Holland from Alternatively Healthy

Do you struggle to find confidence both physically and mentally?  Wish you could be comfortable in your own skin and find a community of friends who feel the same?  Want to stop obsessing over your health and just be happy?

As a society we are obsessed with comparing ourselves to others online and wishing we had someone else’s life.  We judge our lives based on others highlight reel and then feel insecure that our life isn’t the same which leads to bad relationships with both social media and ourselves.

It is imperative that we stop obsessing over perfection and find what is right for us both physically and mentally so that we are living life for ourselves, not to impress anyone else.

Today I chat with the inspirational Asha Holland from Alternatively Healthy who is on a mission to help the next generation of women find their own version of healthy.  Coming from a background in extreme dieting and exercise, Asha made herself extremely sick to the point where her future was in jeopardy.  By making a massive shift, both mentally and physically, Asha is not passionate about sharing her story so that other young women can learn from her that healthy starts from the inside.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • What it means to be healthy

  • How extreme diet and exercise can affect your life and future

  • How important the right community is

  • The importance of finding what healthy means for you

And so much more!


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Asha Holland

Asha is the founder of Alternatively Healthy, which promotes young women finding their version of healthy. Whilst studying in University, Asha suffered with extreme health and nutrition obsession which affected her younger years. Asha is determined to let all young women know that you are perfect, just the way you are.