How To Be Ambitious Without The Burnout with Rosie Chehade from Happiness Lifestyle

Are you an ambitious gal who puts everything on her plate at once?  Have dreams so big that nothing can get in your way (even your own health)?  Are you such a high achiever that you never put yourself first and suffer from health problems?  Live in a constant state of anxiety and stress?

Being ambitious is an amazing trait to have, if it is coming from the right place.  So often we want to prove others wrong or we are scared of what would happen if we took things a little slow, but that is just your ego talking.  Putting pressure on yourself to reach unattainable perfection leads to an unhealthy relationship in the mind which can in turn manifest itself into physical problems.  Our bodies have a direct relationship to what is going on in our minds and if you are not taking care of your mental health, your body will mirror that.

Today I chat with Transformational Wellbeing and Leadership Coach, Rosie Chehade on how an extremely ambitious lifestyle can lead to devastation, not just mentally, but physically too.  After being diagnosed with a chronic illness due to an intense working environment, Rosie had to dig deep, get to know herself again and build her life from the ground up facing on her passions, not what society tells her to do.  She now helps other ambitious women find preventative measures for burnout before it takes complete control of their lives.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How being a high achiever can impact us negatively

  • How stress, anxiety and burnout can show up in our lives and what that really means

  • Practical tools to help us recognise and deal with stress before it becomes a problem

  • Ways to find balance in our ambitious lives

And so much more!


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Rosie Chehade

Rosie is a Transformational Wellbeing and Leadership Coach who specialises in helping ambitious women break their cycle of stuck, overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion, to reclaim their health and happiness. Rosie has such a beautiful energy and draws from past experience to make sure high achievers are finding balance in their life.