How To Be A Successful Social Media Influencer with Genevieve Day from Day Management

Dreamt of being a social media influencer?  Want to get paid to work with brands and represent the topics you are passionate about?  Want to know what managers are looking for when they represent influencers?  Or maybe you are a brand wanting to work with an influencer, but not sure where to start?  What does it mean to be an influencer in 2019 and what does the future of influencing look like?

Today, the word influencer is a common phrase, but with social media growing so fast, the lines can be blurred as to what a positive influencer looks like and does.  Nowadays, a large follower number doesn’t necessarily cut it anymore.  A strong brand message and great management can help create connections with brands and influencers so that both sides of the parties win.

It is also a common stereotype that an influencer just posts photos and goes to fun events and that is the end of it.  When in fact, it is now a business with a lot of negotiating, contracts and expectations.  It requires a lot of hard work and reach across multiple platforms in order to make sure you are reaching your clients demands and expectations.  It is an amazing space if you have a great vision and want to make genuine impact in others lives.

To help us unpack the influencer life from 3 different perspectives, I have Genevieve Day, Founder and CEO of Day Management on the podcast today who represents top tier influencers and talent and helps connect them with brands.  She has been in the PR industry since leaving high school and understands the social media space from a marketing perspective and from a brand and influencers perspective too.  I sat down with her and discussed what her job entails, what she looks for in talent and how to get in to the influencer space.  Genevieve is an incredible entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market and has really merged herself with, in my opinion, some of the most influential and positive role models/ talent online in 2019.


In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Genevieve took a chance and started her business when she saw a gap in the market

  • What are the biggest trends on social media this year

  • What it is like to work as a manager

  • How to be an successful influencer

And so much more!


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Genevieve Day

Genevieve is the Founder and CEO of Day Management who represents top tier influencers and talent and helps connect them with brands.