How To Be A Multiple Start Up Founder with Mia Plecic

Have you ever felt like a 9-5 job isn’t for you?  Have you felt like you were born to do more but had no where to start because you felt too young?  Want to make big money being your own boss with multiple streams of income but have no idea where to start?

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what our families, friends or society want us to do that we never truely follow our heart.  What happens when we follow our heart though is massive opportunities and the chance to live a life that only a very few get to experience.  When we back ourselves and our vision, absolutely anything is possible in this world, no matter what your age is.

In this incredible episode, I interview The Start Up CEO, Mia Plecic who has currently founded 6 international companies, with her first starting at 23 years of age.  Not only is she the ultimate girl boss, she is also a huge advocate of keeping it real and helping others reach the same goals.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Mia started with no business experience

  • Why challenges can be the best thing that happens to you

  • The importance of branding

  • What it takes to be a positive influencer online

And so much more!


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Mia Plecic

Known as The Startup CEO, Mia is the queen of ecommerce and branding. With no formal qualifications, just a hell of a lot of guts, she has founded 6 international companies and isn’t stopping any time soon. She loves documenting her journey of being a girl boss and is changing the game on what it means to be an influencer online.