How To Balance Being Healthy In Your Hustle with Madelyn Carafa from The Healthy Hustlers

Are you someone who puts work before your own health?  Do you feel like in order to become successful you have to put yourself second to your work?  Do you dream of doing something you love but you are stuck in a job you hate?  Do you want to be the very best version of yourself in all aspects of life, not just in your career?  When you really think about it, are you taking care of your overall health?  Is it a priority?

As a society, we really wear busy like a badge of honour. We work hard, play harder but forget to take care of the vessel that drives all of this, our own bodies.  Not just physically here, but mentally too.  What happens when we feel this disconnect is we not only lose touch with ourselves, but the moments in our life that are special.  We get so caught up in the moment, that we forget to enjoy life and the little pockets of time where the real magic is made.  If we keep pushing and keep hustling, we will eventually burn out and when we look back on it, we will have so many moments that have passed us by because we were too busy working hard.  We want to open this conversation up before you get to the burn out stage or your health gets out of hand.

To help shed a little more light on this topic, I have the amazing Madelyn Carafa on the podcast today who is a podcast host herself and has interviewed some of Australia’s most successful people and she discusses the difference between these people and us.  The difference will surprise you… I will give you a hint: they take their health very seriously, and even more seriously the more successful they become.  As you grow in life, your health should grow too.  In order for you to move up the ladder in life, you need your health to stay a priority.  Because, without you, nothing happens.


In this episode we discuss:

  • The effects of not taking your health seriously

  • What successful people value when it comes to health

  • How to trust your intuition and follow your heart

  • Tips to break away from the corporate world

And so much more!

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Madelyn Carafa

Madelyn is the Creator and Host of The Healthy Hustlers Podcast - she is passionate about sharing health and wellness advice after leaving the draining, corporate world.