How To Attract Self Love & Positivity with Cleo Massey from Pass Around The Smile

Do you want big things in life, but struggle to realise that they are possible?  Do you want your life to be filled with positivity but have no idea where to start?  Have you tried to work on your self love and self confidence but don’t feel like you have the right role model to look up to?

The world of law of attraction and manifestation is a hard subject for some people.  They know it works, they’ve seen the results, but they struggle to see where they fit in to equation.  Sometimes the idea of a positive and life where everything your heart desires comes true, is too hard for people to understand, but with the right mentor, you can have whatever it is you want in life.

Today I chat with Cleo Massey who is a actor and a positivity lifestyle blogger and today we get deep one exactly how she is so positive and happy- through the practice of law of attraction.  She has used LOA to manifest her wildest dreams and create a life on her terms.

Through her own blog which has now turned in to events, Cleo has the chance to not only educate us on how the LOA works, but how we can begin to love ourselves, and work on ourselves first, so that the universe can works its magic for us.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • What it is like being an actress

  • How The Law of Attraction changed her life

  • The importance of Self Love

And so much more!


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Cleo Massey

Cleo Massey is an actress and positivity lifestyle blogger on a mission to make more people smile. Her blog, Pass Around The Smile has turned in to events where Cleo loves the opportunity to share her passion of Law of Attraction and Manifestation with the world.