Finding Balance Whilst Building An Empire with Giorgina Venzin

Today is a special edition of the podcast - I have taken a section of my live podcast recording with multiple cafe owner and entrepreneur, Giorgina Venzin, and am sharing it with you all today.  Known locally as a hospitality mogul, I was excited to hear Gina’s story of success and how she finds the time to take care of herself amongst all her endeavours.  This is a raw and honest conversation on the journey of business and how being your own boss can take sacrifice, but can be the best thing you ever do with your life.


This episode was recorded in Giorgina’s very own Paw Paw Cafe and it was inspiring to hear the story of how she came in to the family business, and turned it in to an empire.  This episode is jam packed with tips from growing on social media, to working with influencers, to coping with the stress and managing your own mental health - Gina was open and candid about her journey to success and the struggles she still faces today.


A lot of the time we are so busy making assumptions about people by what we see online, by their social media.  When you get the chance to sit down and have a genuine conversation with a true entrepreneur, it is interesting to hear the real side of success- both good and bad.  Being an entrepreneur isn’t all flashy cars and perfectly curated Instagram feeds- it’s hard work, tough decisions and huge workloads, especially in the hospitality industry.  Behind all the business though is an amazing human being with a massive heart and I am forever grateful for Gina who opened her cafe and heart to us all, this was a special interview I will never forget.


In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Giorgina’s journey from family business to multiple cafe owner and entrepreneur

  • How she has gained success on social media

  • The shift in the hospitality industry and how it affects human connection

  • The importance of mental health and defining yourself outside of work

And so much more!


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Giorgina Venzin

Giorgina is a multiple cafe and business owner here in Brisbane who stands out through amazing social media marketing and local connections.