Finding Alignment & Learning To Love Yourself with Nikki Ayres

Today on the podcast I have Nikki Ayres who is an Align Coach, Yoga Teacher, Speaker, Writer and runs amazing retreats.  We have an open and heart felt conversation about how to love yourself, and create a life that you deserve.


This episode blew me away.  I was already obsessed with Nikki and her instagram, but meeting her and getting to pick her brain was truely such an amazing experience.  Nikki has such a beautiful soul and believes her purpose on this earth is to spread love and job, something she does so magically.  Today I wanted to focus on what got Nikki to where she is today, and then dig a little more in to self love and alignment.


As a young person, we are told the same story - go to school, get a good job, get married and live happily ever after.  But the more I do this podcast, the more I realise how suffocating that societal pressure is.  At what point do we stop, reclaim our power and chose our own happiness over someone else?


Nikki shares her story of leaving a stable job and learning to fall back in love with herself, and how you can too.  Because there is a big difference between self love and self care, and the self love part takes honesty, time and vulnerability, but the break throughs can be life changing!


In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Nikki’s journey to becoming an Align Coach

  • How to take a leap towards your dreams, even if it frightens you

  • Ways to find more love and acceptance in yourself

  • The power of finding your purpose

And so much more!


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Nikki Ayres

Nikki is an Align Coach, Yoga Teacher, Speaker, Writer and runs retreats to help people love themselves and find alignment in their lives.