All Things Branding & Harnessing Your Creativity with Kady O Connell

Today on the podcast, I have brand strategist and cookbook author, Kady O Connell with me to chat all things branding, creativity and how to attract the right customers in your business.


Time and time again I see so many people get fixated on their colour palette, their logo and the “aesthetic” of their social media and website, that they completely forget who they are trying to reach and why.  The looks of your brand are important, but have you ever thought about the feelings and emotions associated with your brand as well?


Today Kady really helps break down exactly what branding is, why it is super important and how you can use it to attract quality customers, not just the masses.  Kady also shares the importance of harnessing your creativity and expressing that with your business and brand.


No matter what stage you are at in your business or entrepreneur journey, this is key.  Good branding can be the difference between customers and crickets.  It can be your legacy and the message you want to share with the world, it is honestly crucial for success.


In today’s episode we discuss:

  • How corporate suppressed Kady’s creativity and led her to start her own business

  • The advantages of working for yourself and creating your own reality

  • Why branding is important and where to start

  • How to attract the right customer to actually get sales

And so much more!


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Kady O Connell

Kady is a brand strategist and cookbook author and loves helping businesses be utterly irresistible.