How To Take A Break From Social Media and Reconnect With The World with Kirsten Morrison

Is social media ruling your life?  Do you find yourself scrolling through your phone for no reason?  You’re not even sure how you actually got the phone in your hand!  It is so important from time to time to evaluate the amount of time we are spending on technology because you may be prioritising those online connections over real life connections and your mental health in general.

Kirsten Morrison is an empowerment coach and recently took nearly a month break from social media all together and has come out the other end more in touch with herself than ever before!

In this episode we discuss

  • How it is possible to take a break from social media

  • The benefits of switching off your phone

  • Ways to find balance between technology and self love

And so much more!


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Kirsten Morrison

Kirsten is an empowerment coach and is passionate about helping women claim their power and live with purpose. She is the host of her own podcast and has an incredible energy and desire to help women step in to their passions and purpose.