How To Successfully Balance Multiple Passions with Laura Dawson

Do you have multiple passions or hobbies, but feel like you have to pick just one?  Do you wish you could achieve success whilst still pursuing all the things you like to do?  Do you see a future with multiple careers but are not sure how to make that happen?  Well I know the girl for you!  Laura owns 2 businesses, works full time and is a corporate singer/ musical theatre performer as well!  As exhausting as this may sound, Laura thrives in this environment and is adamant you can make it all work, if it is what truely makes you happy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Tips for balancing multiple passions

  • How manage your time and energy

  • The importance of the right support system

And so much more!


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Laura Dawson

Laura is a small business owner, 1/3 of a successful children’s podcast and works full time on top of that! She is a pocket rocket on a mission to prove to the world that you can be successful with multiple passions as long as you are doing what you love.