How To Overcome The Pressures Of Being A Perfectionist with Sam Brown

Do you have super high expectations, procrastinate getting anything done or spend a lot of time self sabotaging?  Well… You may be a bit of a perfectionist but no need to worry.  Today I have Sam Brown on to talk the real struggles we go through as perfectionists and how you can not only begin to overcome it, but learn to own it and accept yourself, flaws and all.  Sam is really open, candid and shares some personal experiences that will make you realise that you can do well in business whilst being a perfectionist.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The symptoms of being a perfectionist

  • How perfectionism can hold us back

  • Techniques Sam has used to overcome her struggles

And so much more!


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Sam Brown

Sam is a mindset coach for Perfectionists and runs a very successful Personal Development blog. Sam is also the host of her own Podcast and aims to help perfectionists get out of their own way and reach their potential.