How To Market and Expand Your Brand As An Introvert with Steph Taylor from Wildbloom

Does the thought of marketing completely freak you out?  Do you want to grow your business or brand but can’t bear the thought of putting yourself out there?  Think you are too shy for a personal brand?  This episode is all about working being an introvert to your advantage and not letting your marketing suffer.  Steph Taylor, owner of Wildbloom and host of the very popular Socialite podcast is a marketing guru and also introverted.  She has all the tips on how to make the two work hand in hand so that your business and brand come out on top.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What the best platform is

  • What strategies we can use to be more open online

  • The importance of having multiple platforms

  • How to turn a follower into a customer

And so much more!


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Steph Taylor

Steph is the brains behind Wildbloom, a marketing company for honest brands. She is also the host of the very popular Socialette podcast which provides bite sized marketing tips for small business owners. Steph is a digital nomad and is proof that the laptop lifestyle can be a reality.