How To Be Authentic Online and Attract The Right Audience with Brooke Vulinovich from Villa Management

Do you see other women killing it online and wonder how in the world you are meant to live up to that?  Are you being your true self online or are you frightened to be vulnerable to your audience?  Well, never fear because I have the Queen of Instagram herself with me today to discuss how being 100% real and authentic online can actually lead to more followers who trust and respect you and your brand.  This podcast will have you pulling out your phones and Insta Storying in no time!

Brooke Vulinovich is a Social Media speaker and trainer who is unapologetically herself online and is reaping all the benefits from it.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why showing the real you online is so important both for your business and your confidence

  • How to deal with hate online

  • Ways to be more vulnerable and own the real you

And so much more!


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Brooke Vulinovich

Brooke is an Instagram trainer, speaker and specialist. She teaches businesses worldwide how to leverage the power of Social Media and how fun and easy it can be to connect with their customers online.