How To Recognise, Manage and Cope With Anxiety In A Modern World with Meghan Gray from GrayMind Psychology

Are you an anxiety sufferer or feel like you may be struggling with some symptoms and don’t know who to turn to for advice?  It could be getting to the point where it is not only affecting your life, but your future too.  I have personally struggled with anxiety and know a lot of you out there are suffering so I feel it is important that we start having these conversations, breaking stereotypes and knocking down the walls we have been building for so long.

Psychologist Meghan Gary from GrayMind Psychology has generously shared some time with me to talk all things anxiety in a super candid fashion.  I share some of my own personal struggles in this episode and Meghan really breaks it all down and helps us realise we are not alone in this fight.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What anxiety is and how it can show itself

  • What are the causes of anxiety

  • How common it is in modern day

  • Some mechanisms and techniques to help you cope

And so much more!


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Meghan Gray

Meghan is a psychologist who owns her own practice in Brisbane. She places value on creating strong connections, trust & rapport with her clients to enable them to share themselves comfortably. She also works widely with the local Brisbane community to ensure we are placing an importance on our mental health.