How To Be A Healthy Entrepreneur with LJ McDonough

Do you take your health seriously?  Not just mentally, but physically too?  Have you decided to put your health on the back burner whilst you focus on your goals and future first, only to feel guilty that you don’t look like the fitness models on Instagram?

Sometimes we forget that if we don’t prioritise our health, we will never be the best version of ourselves for our business or side hustle and once we find a happy medium between the two, everything performs better.

Personal trainer LJ McDonough gives us a really candid and real look in to the life of an entrepreneur and what it means to be healthy and how to manage the two.  It is so important to understand what your version of healthy is, and not compare yourself to others because we are all on a different journey.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why it is hard to balance entrepreneurship and health

  • How can we begin to get back in to a healthy lifestyle

  • What strategies can we implement both physically and nutritionally to achieve a healthy balance

  • Why it is not a good idea to compare ourselves to others and just run our own race

And so much more!



LJ McDonough

LJ is a PT with a degree in Exercise and Movement Science. She is passionate about helping young women feel confident in their own bodies and helps them reach their personal version of healthy.