Hey Girl!

My name is Casey, I am 26 years old and from Brisbane, Australia, and I am the founder of The Real Her Project.

For the most part, I probably look like an average girl living a normal life. This isn’t exactly the truth though. Despite a good upbringing and lots of opportunities, I never really felt like I fit in. I was quiet and shy and constantly lived to please others. This lead to severe anxiety in my late teens/ early 20’s because I didn’t know how to do anything I loved, I didn’t have any hobbies or passions, or purpose. I lived purely to impress others and it became toxic!

After completing a Uni degree in Geological Science (failing multiple times along the way) I had a major breakdown.  I had just spent 5 years studying to finish in a field I am not passionate or excited about.  I completed my degree to please others and ended up letting myself down and in over $30k in student debt.  View a bit more of my story here.

I will never regret my decision though because it lead me down the biggest personal development journey of my life.  I decided not to resort to my degree, go all in and start my own business, but that is not the end of my story.

I knew I wanted to own my own business, but where do I start? I spent hours over numerous months trying to figure out where to begin. Feeling deflated, I took to YouTube and found lots of male role models in the business world- but where were my girls at??

The Real Her Project all started for me when I was looking for inspirational women role models in business, and was flooded with falseness and fabrications on social media.  I realised that this is what young women are looking up to these days, instead of the hard workers who are genuinely making a difference in our community.  So I decided to start interviewing those hard workers.

From Documentaries, to a Podcast, I have interviewed hundreds of young women in small business and know what it takes to be successful.  It all starts with your mind.  You can have all the tools in the world to start your own business, but if you are not in the right headspace, nothing will progress. 

So I decided to combine the information I have learnt from these incredible women with my own personal development journey to help educate you on the mindset tools you need to take the next step.

The biggest issue I see every day is young women who want to have a fulfilling career, travel the world and live life on their own terms, but they have no idea how to get there. This is all completely possible for you, but it is fundamental that you have the upmost confidence and belief in yourself before embarking on this crazy (but fun) journey.

I have been in your shoes before, walked the path, messed up 100 times but can now confidently help you gain the mindset skills you need to live a balanced life, have it all and step in to the woman you were born to be. I am now a Director of 3 companies and living a life that makes me happy every single day, and I want you to find that too :)

I now live a life that is on my terms. I am the happiest I have ever been and the anxiety has disappeared because I am not living to please others any more, I’m doing ME and I want the same for you. We are all capable of greatness, we just have to believe it first and I can help you get there.